Treatment for internet addiction

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What is internet addiction?

The internet has become an almost essential tool for daily tasks and a critical requirement for numerous professions. But if it starts to take time away from hobbies, friends, studies and work, it's time to intervene. Internet addiction cannot be solely assessed by the amount of time spent online, but it is essential to distinguish between the desire and the need to use the internet.

The most common forms of internet overuse are addictive video game playing, constant use of social media, or compulsive information seeking. The general definition of addiction also applies to internet addiction: the repetition of an activity without caring about its physical, social, emotional and economic harms.

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Outpatient or remote treatment for internet addiction

The internet addiction treatment programme is for people who have lost control of their internet use, playing video games, or social media use. The programme is designed to control general overuse of the internet and to treat addiction to video games that are not played for money (e.g. World of Warcraft, Runescape, Call of Duty, etc.).

The treatment program aims to address and reduce problematic internet use by fostering alternative sources of enjoyment and promoting a balanced and controlled approach to internet usage.

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Programme duration

Approximately 8 weeks

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Content of the programme

8 therapy sessions and a doctor's appointment if medication is needed (for example antidepressants). The cognitive therapy session is planned in advance and each session has its own content.

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The aim of the programme

To help you regain control over your online video game playing and internet use without the need to completely abstain from them.

Internet addiction treatment programme is suitable for adults of all ages

Internet addiction, overuse of the internet and addiction to entertainment games are not just problems for young people, but are often found in adults too. This programme is suitable for anyone over 18, regardless of age, who wants to gain more control over their internet use. The treatment does not require the use of any medication, but if necessary, a doctor may prescribe medication such as antidepressants as part of the treatment.

Our online addiction treatment program is designed to be seamlessly integrated into your daily life. The two-month program includes 8 therapy sessions that follow a predetermined structure. During these sessions, we will explore your internet use patterns and the underlying reasons behind your addiction. Our focus will be on facilitating positive changes in your thinking and behaviour, and equipping you with effective coping strategies and life management skills.

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Development of the internet addiction treatment

The treatment programme has been developed based on over two decades of experience in addiction treatment. The treatment of internet and online addiction (including playing video games) is different from the treatment of gambling addiction, and our long experience has helped us to develop a tailored programme specifically focused on the treatment of internet addiction.

This treatment program, developed in Finland, is designed to be slightly less intensive compared to the program for gambling addiction. Similar to our other treatments, the primary objective is to regain control over internet use rather than completely discontinuing it.

If more than 3 of the following criteria are met, internet addiction should be suspected:

  • Spending long periods of time immersed in the internet without realising it
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as low mood, anxiety, irritability and boredom after several days of not being online
  • Increased tolerance, which means increased use of the internet to get the same enjoyment as before
  • Continued desire or unsuccessful attempts to control, reduce or stop using the internet
  • Continued excessive use despite physical or mental problems caused/exacerbated by it
  • Loss of interest in hobbies unrelated to internet use
  • Using the Internet to escape depressed mood or to relieve hopelessness, guilt and anxiety
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Contral method can also be used to treat other addictions

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Gambling addiction

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