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Contral Clinics' highly experienced doctors and psychologists have successfully supported thousands of clients from all backgrounds in overcoming addiction, enabling them to regain control over their lives and achieve a balanced work and family life. In order to maintain patient safety and privacy, the names of client testimonials have been changed.

Read also the article published by Yle in 2016 about Jussi, who successfully transformed from an alcoholic to a moderate drinker with the Contral treatment method.
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Jussi N
45, Espoo
My job includes a a lot of representing. I was starting to be afraid of the alcohol use almost every evening. I was starting to get hooked. No company can afford to keep a drunk in a position with a lot of responsibility. I took Contral's treatment program and with it, reducing alcohol consumption was surprisingly easy. Since I did not have to quit altogether, I was still able to handle all the representation events.
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Liisa K
38, Helsinki
My alcohol use gradually increased over the years. Eventually I had to drink at least one wine bottle each evening. I faced stress both at the office as well home. When my family started to make remarks, I finally realised that everything is not OK. I took the Contral treatment programme, and already halfway the programme my alcohol use had halved. Now I only use alcohol occasionally.
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Ulla L
53, Vantaa
I was laid off at work and ended up becoming unemployed. Initially I started spending more time at the nearby bar than at home. I developed a craving for beer and was always out of money. Thanks to Contral Clinics, my alcohol consumption is now only a fraction of what it used to be. My financial situation has improved and my mornings are completely different. I have kept touch with my old friends, but go to the bar very rarely nowadays. I take follow-up counselling at Contral Clinics about once a year or so.
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Jeffrey T
56, London
I have to travel around the world due to my work. Oftentimes I had nothing else to do during the evenings than to drink. However, travelling takes its toll and my health started to weaken. I go to Finland from time to time, and decided to start the Contral treatment programme. The combination of the drug and the counselling helped me get my drinking under control. It was happy to be able to take some of the counselling sessions online, as well. I feel a lot better now, thanks to the decreased drinking.
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Matti V
37, Tampere
A few times a year alcohol use got out of hands and I could not control it. Especially during holidays I often drank from morning until late night, and for several days in a row. Luckily my wife finally had enough, and booked a counselling session from Contral Clinics. After their treatment programme, I haven't had a single relapse. And the best part was the privacy. Nobody else had any idea, except for my wife of course.
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