Treatment for gambling addiction

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What is gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction means that gambling is difficult to control and the easily escalating gambling cycle continues regardless of wins and losses.

Gambling plays a significant role in a person’s life and discontinuing it can trigger withdrawal symptoms such as nervousness, difficulty in concentrating, insomnia, and impact social relationships. The patterns of gambling can vary, ranging from continuous engagement to fluctuating or seasonal involvement.

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Outpatient or remote treatment for gambling addiction

An outpatient treatment programme for gambling and gambling addicts has been developed in Finland by the best professionals in the field. Contral Clinics is one of the most experienced clinics in the world in developing and implementing the treatment programme, and has been treating clients with gambling addiction with good results for many years. The treatment program is designed to be seamlessly integrated into your daily life and, if desired, can be completed entirely remotely.

The functioning of the pleasure system can be positively influenced by a combination of psychosocial methods and medication to support gambling control. By closely following the guidance provided by your doctor and psychologist, you can enhance your chances of successfully making a life-changing transition. Gambling addiction can be overcome with dedication and proper support!

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Duration of the programme

Usually 3-5 months, but treatment is always individually planned according to the level of addiction and your needs.

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Content of the programme

The outpatient programme combines cognitive-behavioural short therapy (CBT) with possible medication. The programme consists of 10 visits, including therapy sessions and doctor’s visits to evaluate medication needs.

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The aim of the programme

To overcome gambling addiction so that you no longer suffer the various health, social and emotional harms that come with it.

Treatment planning for a gambling addiction

The severity of gambling addiction and many individual factors influence both the choice and the outcome of treatment. Treatment for gambling addiction at Contral Clinics typically lasts 3-5 months, but the exact length of time will be determined on an individual basis depending on your situation.

Visits consist of pre-scheduled individual visits, but for some visits it is recommended to bring a family member with you. The treatment programme does not include debt counselling. After the treatment programme for gambling addiction, it is possible to arrange individual follow-up visits to maintain your progress.

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The role of therapy in the treatment of gambling addiction

The treatment programme includes therapy sessions to discuss your gambling behaviour and the underlying factors contributing to your addiction. You will also be provided with a workbook and self-help exercises specifically designed to facilitate changes in your thought patterns and assist you in achieving your goals.

During the meetings, we will go through self-care exercises and create different strategies to change old behaviours and avoid relapses.

Medication as a part of gambling addiction treatment

The treatment of gambling addiction may not always necessitate medication, but in certain cases, it can be beneficial. The proposed medication, nalmefene or naltrexone, is not addictive and works by reducing the sensation of pleasure. These medications are not meant for continuous use but are taken specifically when you plan to gamble or when you anticipate being in a gambling-related situation. Your addiction medicine doctor will always develop an individualised medication plan tailored to your needs.

Both psychosocial and pharmacological treatments have shown promising results in the treatment of gambling addiction. In 2014, Helsingin Sanomat reported on a study conducted by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, which found that a medicine used to treat alcohol addiction could also help with gambling addiction.

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